LÓVA | The Opera, a Learning Vehicle

The Opera, a Learning Vehicle (LÓVA), is based in Madrid and carries out its mission with support from the Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso and the Fundación Saludarte. LÓVA is an opera-based educational project carried out by teachers and students in their classroom during a complete school year. They convert their class into an opera company that creates, from scratch, an opera or short piece of musical theatre. The children of the company are organized in professional teams. They write the script, they design the scenery, they compose the music, they make the costumes, they carry out the press campaign, they raise funds, they make the props, they create the lighting, etc.

The goal of LÓVA fully matches the educational objectives of the classroom: cognitive, social and emotional development of boys and girls. Mainly experienced in primary school, there have been teachers who have successfully adapted it to other educational contexts and stages. Nine thousand people have created and premiered more than three hundred operas in 15 Spanish Autonomous Communities since 2006, the year that Mary Ruth McGinn, a primary teacher from the United States, brought the model to Spain.

The objective of the teachers that take LÓVA to the classroom is to educate through the challenge of creating an opera. The opera is the great integrating reference of numerous disciplines. The opera also offers the metaphor of the challenge that students aim to overcome by working together. The final piece and its premiere are not the goal of the project, but an important part of it. The show takes place in the classroom and is created entirely by the students usually lasting for half an hour and includes some songs and musical moments interspersed in the theatrical action. During the performances, the children’s company is solely responsible for the show and the adults (teachers and collaborators) sit among the audience.

There are so many ways to implement LÓVA as a centre and as a teacher. Thanks to the vision of many teachers, LÓVA has adapted to special education, early years, primary and secondary education, prisons, music schools and other contexts. What is described above should be interpreted as mere recommendations that derive, mainly, from the work carried out in the “El Quijote” Public School in Madrid as an extension of teacher training.

A picture is worth a thousand words. The LÓVA documentary “Crear Para Crecer” (Create to Grow) directed by Juan Olcina and produced by the SaludArte Foundation, illustrates LÓVA in practice through the development of the project in three classrooms of three public schools throughout a complete course. You can view it here: http://www.proyectolova.es/documental/.

For more information about this project, you can visit LÓVA Website.

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