Get Close to Opera Transmedia Manual

This manual provides guidance to Opera and Arts Educators on how to apply, use or integrate the Get Close to Opera Training (the entire GCTO Training Package is available at

This manual, available in five languages (English, Italian, Greek, French and Spanish) will guide to plan of a workshop, laboratory, training activity or project with any community.

Each module of the Get Close to Opera training could be approached by educators from different perspectives, with specific and diverse needs and with multiple combinations.

The combination of tools is able to generate new educational projects and learning scenarios. In the manual, you will find thematic clusters around which tools are gathered with examples of the application of different tools in possible arts and opera educational projects.

The manual, with its tools, is a thought provoking output of the project, with other tools to be added and other scenarios imagined.

How to use the manual


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Implement and share

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Where you can find the manual

The English PDF version of the manual is available here. Click on the picture to read it.
The GCTO Manual is also available in other four languages (Italian, Greek, Spanish and French) and in an open format (.ppt).
You can find all the versions of the manual on our platform at