Opera Domani | An Italian Opera Educational Experience

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Bring children and young people close to Opera. An Italian experience.

“Opera Domani” is a project developed and carried out in Italy but it has also started circulating abroad too.

Its mission is to bring children and teens close to Opera and, to do that, it was decided to involve schools by offering them an educational pathway, designed to train students to attend, or rather participate in the performance.
Why do that? Not only to engage the audience of the future in melodrama, not only to include the cultural heritage of the Opera in school curriculum, but also to increase the new generations’ spirit of sharing. After all, like Riccardo Muti said: “Nothing has more aggregating power than singing”.

Every year there is a new show and a new educational pathway including handouts for teachers, booklets designed for children or teens and several educational activities aiming at creating objects or accessories to bring/ware in the theatre for example or learning gestures and choreographies to interact with the scene.

2018 is the year of “La Carmen”, the opéra-comique composed by Bizet on libretto by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy and first performed on 3th March 1875.
Part of the teaching material can be found in the “Didattica online” section of the project website: music, scores, games, audio plots, scenes and costumes sketches, tutorials for the choreographies and much more.

The opera, directed by Andrea Bernard, will be performed in 22 Italian cities from February to June. You can find more information on the website of Opera Domani.

The project is carried out by AsLiCo (Italian opera and concert association) and Opera Education, the Italian platform including several Italian educational and opera projects for children and young people.
The project is also inserted into R.E.S.E.O. activities.