The Complete Freedom of Truth International Youth Arts

The Complete Freedom of Truth International Youth Arts

TCFT grew out of the work of Opera Circus and began under the guidance of Nigel Osborne
in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2004 and ongoing work in Srebrenica, BiH since 2008.
Founded and led by Tina Ellen Lee, Artistic Director, this continuous development process creates an inclusive creative space where young people and artists work together to explore diversity, gender, human rights, equality and understanding of the other.
Countries in which the project has partnered to date include Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, Georgia and the UK.

How do you combine learning, art and social inclusion in your project?

By combining trust, truth, kindness, respect and tolerance as the basis for the work we want to achieve and the world we want to live in.
Our societies are made up of different cultures, races, abilities and languages and our projects work hard to reflect that. Sometimes it’s not easy and we have a long way to go to make work totally accessible to all
but this is our goal.

What was the project’s objective and how is it changed during the process?

The project is an on going long term process which develops through work experience, listening and learning.
The objective is to provide creative learning for young people and to challenge our current education system and society which doesn’t provide well rounded and inclusive education for work and life.

Tell us a story, an anecdote, a particular moment related to the project

Rather than tell a story here is a thought from one young person who has been involved in TCFT since

“Projects like TCFT are rare, it takes everyone to a place that is slightly outside the comfort zone and we are experiencing it all with people we don’t meet in our ordinary lives, it stretches us in a great way, we are more curious and we learn more.
Often disabled people and non disabled people don’t get to share important experiences like travelling together because we are taught through experience that we have to live separate lives; separate schools, separate seats in the theatre, separate train carriages… This project has given back to us the lost time and it allows us to re-evaluate how we want the world to look and how we engage with people in our local communities.”
Eilis 26 2017

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