In the heart of GCTO project: towards the training week

GCTO has just started its second stage, the core part. It will lead towards the training week in Matera at the beginning of 2019. Follow us in the following months because we are opening a call to participate in the training week.

What are we working on at this stage? GCTO’s partners are designing a training to meet some of the needs of Opera and Arts educators, who are working with migrants around Europe, that arose from research conducted in the first part of the project. Opera and Arts educators from five European Countries took part in it. They were asked to recognize some lacking knowledge and skills to support social inclusion of migrants through Opera and Arts. Starting from the needs, GCTO’s partners are designing a training that will harmoniously and effectively mix their big hands-on experience. The keyword is: inclusion!

L’Albero Theatre Company is working on the methodology that will combine Opera education and Multiple Intelligences. Starting from the diversity of learning styles, it will lead into Opera repertoire in order to learn something new about oneself, other people, and other cultures. MateraHub is dealing with the Creative Canvas that would guide educators to design a cultural and artistic project, the University of Patras is working on the design of the learning process through the Learning By Design method, and ESART is managing the assessment process. RESEO, the European network of Opera and Dance education, is developing a session about making international artistic projects through participatory processes and practices. The European Network of Migrant Women (ENOMW) and Opera Circus will share their experience respectively about women’s rights and inclusion of disabilities in artistic projects in order to raise awareness and sensitivity, and acquire the know-how to include the disables’ and women’s rights perspective in Opera and Arts education.

A close-knit team is working right away with such an ambition, as well as exciting, project that will make you care.

Moreover, all materials created by the partners will be available during the training week in 2019 in Matera or online on a platform that will be online after September 2018. Follow Get Close To Opera channels to be kept up about our platform and call.