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You are the real protagonists of GET CLOSE TO OPERA!

Together we will reflect on the training needs of professionals in the sector. We will identify the skills to strengthen in order to promote and develop inclusive, open and multicultural educational and training activities.

Thanks to GET CLOSE TO OPERA you can participate for free in a week of training. You will learn how to apply Multiple Intelligences Theory by Howard Gardner to Opera and develop innovative training activities for different and new audiences, starting from migrants and refugees.

You will be connected with professionals from all over Europe, exchange views, learn innovative methods to design training activities and experiment with new teaching methods that will be tested with migrants and refugees in Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium and Great Britain.

Listening to your experiences is important to us. Therefore, we would like to involve you in a research on a European scale. It will help us to understand the state of the art of Opera education and better plan the training path that later GET CLOSE TO OPERA will organise.

You will become part of an ever-greater community of European Opera and Ballet educators. On the online platform of GET CLOSE TO OPERA you will be able to talk about your activities, share ideas, exchange good practices and projects, activate new national and international collaborations.

Together, we will be able to undertake more effective lobbyings to promote the Opera and Opera education throughout Europe.



The work you conduct every day with migrants and refugees is important and valuable.

GET CLOSE TO OPERA will allow you to access to the opera world and put in contact with professionals who develop training activities for migrants and refugees through arts.

You will learn how to apply the Multiple Intelligences theory by H. Gardner to your activities, for example, to language teaching. GET CLOSE TO OPERA offers you innovative methodologies and tools to design your activities in a new way.



GET CLOSE TO OPERA project was born from the awareness of the great educational potential of Arts, and specifically of Opera.

Using an innovative methodology based on Multiple Intelligences Theory (H. Gardner), we will explore this potential. We will plan new training activities that we will experiment with migrants and refugees in Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium and Great Britain.

GET CLOSE TO OPERA is also an opportunity for professional development. It will allow you to reflect on how the artistic work can be seen from an educational perspective and will offer you several tools to use right away in your job.



GET CLOSE TO OPERA has great ambitions: we want to open Opera Houses to new audiences, activities and projects, transform them into learning workshops where to practice social inclusion behaviours and cultural exchanges. For everyone.

Several Opera Houses throughout Europe will host the training activities for migrants and refugees, developed by GET CLOSE TO OPERA. The training activities will be based on the Multiple Intelligences theory by H. Gardner applied to Opera.

Professionals of Opera Houses Educational Departments will be able to participate in the European training in Matera in 2019. It will be a great opportunity for professional development.

However, GET CLOSE TO OPERA is also an opportunity for Opera Houses that do not have an educational department yet. GET CLOSE TO OPERA is also promoting the growth and development of educational department, even in the European countries that are lagging behind on this aspect.

Apply to host a GET CLOSE TO OPERA action.



GET CLOSE TO OPERA is also for you!

For the first time, we will employ the Multiple Intelligences Theory for Opera.  

We will develop innovative training activities addressed to migrants and refugees, for example to innovate language teaching methods through Opera.

You are warmly invited to participate in GET CLOSE TO OPERA activities because your professional point of view is important to us. On the GET CLOSE TO OPERA online platform it will be possible to collect all lessons learned during experimental activities, to share ideas and inputs. It will be a place for sharing, researching, studying and designing.

Help us develop the method.



In Europe you are welcome!

With GET CLOSE TO OPERA you will be invited to Opera Houses and we will support your integration pathway, discovering the rich European heritage through Opera.

We will reflect on the different forms of intelligence that everybody possesses and we will understand what is the best way to express them to learn languages, as well as European history, cultural traditions and music.

Take part in GET CLOSE TO OPERA!