O comme Opéra

One of the aims of Get Close to Opera is to open Opera Houses, rethink them as spaces for social innovation, for cultural inclusion and exchanges, and for learning. For us, Opera has an educational potential, not only artistic. Opera is a living experience that draws on all artistic languages.
It is for these reasons that the innovative project of the Paris Opera, 3e Scène, has thrilled us.

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An exciting project by Opéra de Paris: 3e Scène

“Internet is a public place, a collective meeting place, a place for expression and creation. After the Palais Garnier in 1875 and Opéra Bastille in 1989, the Opéra de Paris has decided to build its 3e Scène in the digital world. In this new space, The Paris Opera intends to continue its dialogue with the public and also make new friends. The 3e Scène’s spectators live all around the globe , speak every language and love art in all its form.”

Since 2015, 3e Scène has opened its doors to visual artists, directors, composers, photographers, choreographers, writers and has invited them to come and create original artwork related to Opéra de Paris. So, it has been possible to create a relationship between Opera Houses and artwork.

“We want the artists to make the Opera their own, to draw on its resources, roam within its walls and meet its talent in order to reveal places, colours, history, questions and people through creations”

The project’s name refers to the fact that the opera company already performed on two physical stages in the heart of Paris: Palais Garnier and Opéra Bastille.The 3e Scène is set on the Internet. The idea, according to Opéra de Paris director Stéphane Lissner, is to simply reach an audience that goes beyond the usual operagoers.

The contemporany language of 3e Scène reduces the distances between audience and the Opera house. Opera becomes a space for innovation, social inclusion and intrerclultural and interdisciplinary exchanges.

You can see all 3e Scène projects on Opéra de Paris website.