Get Close to Opera is going to run a training week in February 2019 about Opera through #multipleintelligences #womenrights #disabilities and #immigrantinclusion.
It will take place in the beautiful UNESCO city of Matera, in the south of Italy, that will be the European Capital of Culture in 2019.

Today we introduce the module developed by Materahub (Italy): “Your educational project: Goal, Plan, Action!”.
If you work in the field of Opera Education, participate in the #GCTO Training Week

Creative learning needs creative teaching!

Yes, it does indeed!

Our module “Your educational project: Goal, Plan, Action!” developed by Materahub (Italy) will allow you to get a substantial understanding as well as practice of planning, management and creative skills, models and resources to design your own creative educational project, encourage learners’ as well as your inventiveness, creative thinking and achievements by nurturing every step of their learning path.

You will learn how to:

  • develop planning skills to visualise, design and build up effective and engaging educational projects
  • map techniques, creative thinking, visual thinking and teaching strategies
  • apply creative and innovative methods and tools to foster learners’ creative thinking skills
  • outline the key steps in educational projects planning process: set project goal/s, evaluate time and resources available, design methods to get feedback, review projects
  • understand, develop and implement the key components of the innovative Creative Project Canvas, a reflection tool specifically develop to plan and visualise your educational goals.

Creative learning needs creative teaching: plan your creative educational project!

Modern societies are increasingly demanding workforces that are creative, flexible, adaptable and innovative and education systems need to evolve with these shifting conditions.

Nevertheless, learners can be equipped with these skills enabling them to express themselves, critically evaluate the world around them and actively engage in the various aspects of human existence only if educators, trainers, teachers, artists and others access to the methods, tools and skills they need to do this.

Namely, creative learning needs creative teaching! The actual core of “Your educational project: Goal, Plan, Action!” module developed by Materahub (Italy) lies in the awareness that creative teaching needs effective educational projects and related planning, creative and critical thinking skills, resources and methods to enable educators to implement, manage and assess them.

However, how can educational projects be planned, developed and implemented? What are the strategies, tools and methods to set specific and viable teaching goals, to design, manage and assess your project and your learners’ achievements?

Indeed, this module aims at identifying some key skills needed to design educational projects and transferring techniques, methods and tools to achieve specific teaching goals as well as facilitating learning.

The design of any project, whether it is a professional, creative or educational project, begins with identifying its goal/s, its actual value both for the “project planner” and for the “target audience” ( i.e. adult learners, opera educators, arts educators, cultural mediators, and artists).