Opera as a medium that includes all intelligences. A proposal for Arts Educators .

Opera as a medium that includes all intelligences.
A proposal for Arts Educators

If you daily work with Opera and Arts in schools, in theatres, in academies, you probably know how complex is the process of guiding the learning path, of inspiring people in order to boost their creativity, of negotiating rules in order to reach a creative goal. As everyone has their own way to learn, it could be very difficult for an educator to guide a group without considering the wide variety of intelligences within it. But how can you identify and include them in an opera and arts training session?

We are going to propose a method that uses Opera as a peculiar medium to bring out all the intelligences in a group.

We’ve already discussed about the multiple intelligences Theory in the article “Learning how to learn. Multiple intelligences at work”.

Now, we want to put them into practice through Opera. Why?

Opera is a multiple medium that can suit all kind of learners because it has got in itself elements that could catch the interest of everybody. For example, the libretto can be considered the entry point for people with a predominant linguistic intelligence; the score for those with a predominant music intelligence, the scenography and choreography for those who are visual and body smart. The inter- and intra-personal intelligences can find their place analysing, for example, the inner-life of the protagonist or his behaviour and relationship with the antagonist.  Even the logical and the naturalistic intelligences can be included in the Opera.

All of this has to be considered in an harmonic way, because everybody has a unique combination of all these intelligences, that makes everyone a special human being.

During the Training Week in Matera, we are going to identify with the participants the predominant intelligences in the group through some practical activities and open a group discussion in order to deeper understand them.
In the second part we are going to co-design the GCTO boxes. They are boxes for each intelligence full of inspiring objects related to Opera that could guide participants through the creative and learning process. It will be an open source tool that every participants could experiment in their own training sessions.

If you are interested in this topic, participate in the #GCTO Training Week!


Vania Cauzillo: theatre and art director, documentarist. She runs the L’albero theatre school, and a festival of scientific dissemination. She also deals with arts education and audience development.

Mariateresa Paolicelli: English teacher, Game-based learning & Multiple Intelligences consultant.

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